Interior Design Agency

Established in 2019

Successful design requires quality thinking; transforming original, detailed and innovative ideas through passion and courage. Eequality design strives to provide balance; professional and practical, reliable and remarkable, stylish and sustainable.


Eequality spaces are planned and designed to inspire collaboration, connection and productivity.


Eequality is committed to creating unique and thoughtfully planned interiors, inspiring companies and businesses to move in unexpected and exciting directions. 


For the Eequality team, interior design is equal parts art and design, bringing together unique elements as important parts of a cohesive whole. 

Editorial Design

What We Do

We offer exceptional service with a personal approach. We listen and understand exactly what each of our clients needs. We believe in involvement in all stages of the project to ensure the project delivers to aspirational standards.


Our experience encompasses design thinking, project facilitation, and client management across a variety of industry sectors, from advisory businesses all the way through to design thinking and delivery to the end of the production.


Collaboration Engagement

Feasibility study

User engagement

Stakeholder workshop

Strategy planning

Brief development


Design Strategy

Space planning

Design development

Environmental branding

Technology experience


Project Delivery

Project management

Construction coordination


Cost tracking


Business Maintenance

Maintain business relationship

After service