We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the team from Eequality Design for the design & build renovation project on our Staff Lounge, Pantry and Sanctuary Meeting Room at our office space. 

It was a long process, given that we first began discussions in June 2020, before it was finally awarded in October 2020. From there, you managed to expedite the renovation and completed it by February 2021, within our tightened timeline amid the COVID-19 restrictions. 

Since the renovation, we have received positive feedback on how our space has become more welcoming, grand and enjoyable to be in. In particular, the Sanctuary Room has become highly sought-after as a filming location and event space amongst staff. 

We appreciated how organised and professional you were, especially when it came to bringing our expectations back to reality. When the delays and inevitable setbacks occurred, such as the carpets and cabinets, you notified us quickly and sought ways to rectify them. It was heartening to see you go the extra mile, such as the many wood skirting options you proposed for the TV cabinet, something we had not even considered. 

We thank you for making this project a pleasure to work on. We hope this would be our new benchmark for future renovations.